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    2016 Football Skills Training

    Football Skills Training

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    NEW for 2016! Our Football Skills Training program, which has been the backbone of our training for 4 years now continues in 2016 with some new twists

    Our three 2016 Football Skills Training Offerings are

    3x Weeklong Summer Half Day Skills Camps

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    1-on-1 Personal Skills Training Sessions

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    2016 Weeklong Summer Half Day Skills Camps
    3 Weeklong Football Skills Camps

    Our training philosophy is grounded in 'getting reps' and training consistently so that you can build the muscle memory necessary to do things "without thinking about it". We are excited to offer 3 weeklong half-day camps this summer focused on delivering against this philosophy!

    Having 3 weeklong camps in place helps us schedule coaches and deliver a better training experience (each day is 5 hours long!) to our athletes than we've been able to in the past. Our new camp structure allows us to incorporate daily competitions and a more focused training environment.

    The best thing though? Training every day for 5 days in a row gives every athlete the chance to build upon the skills they learn each day and take bigger steps forward, in a quicker time period, than what they've been able to do in the past.

    The summer is the key time most of our athletes focus on getting ready for football season. With 3 Weeklong Half Day camps available for them to attend there are up to 75 hours of training they can participate in.

    You can attend one session, two sessions, three session or all four. A weeklong camp only costs $7/hr ($6/hr with early bird!) and if you register for more than one camp training can get as low as $5/hr!

    We were excited with the results of the one weeklong camp we ran last year (only 3 hours a day)...we can't wait to see how our athletes grow after our camps this summer!

    Click HERE to jump to our 2016 Summer Football Camp page and learn more about what this summer holds for you!

    2016 Football Skills Personal Training Sessions

    1-on-1 Personal Training Sessions

    Over the years our Winter/Spring training sessions (typically taking place in the Redmond gym) have been smaller groups. We know many kids are playing basketball, baseball and Lacrosse in the winter/spring and that it's tough to squeeze in football training.

    Of course we've had a very consistent group of athletes come every winter and we believe strongly in being available when our athletes are ready to go. With that in mind we've greatly expanded our Personal Training program and now have more coaches lined up to work with those athletes who can't wait to start training again!

    Unlike our previous winter/spring group sessions our new 1:1 sessions are designed with the individual in mind. We believe that focusing training around each individual athete will help deliver the results everyone is looking for in a much faster timeframe.

    Given the popularity of our Personal Training sessions we've developed a Flex Pass program designed specifically for our Personal Training clients. The Flex Pass has been incredibly popular in the past and it's a perfect fit for our new Personal Training program!

    We also will allow up to 2 additional friends to join our Personal Training client if the client approves (we will NEVER schedule another athlete to join you unless you request it)

    To learn more about our Personal Training program and to see what discounts are available as a part of our Flex Pass program please click HERE